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Chiefs Reportedly Schedule Aldon Smith Workout

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Finally. Something that can unite Missouri and Kansas fans -- Aldon Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs. According to a report from Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune, the Chiefs have scheduled a private workout with DE Aldon Smith. Matter reports he has about 10 private workouts set up, including the St. Louis Rams.

The 6'4" 265-pound Smith is a very intriguing prospect and would likely move to outside linebacker in the Chiefs 3-4 scheme. There's always a major unknown with guys who are moving from hand-on-the-ground defensive end to standing-up linebacker.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said a few weeks ago that the NFL Combine is an important time to work out players who might be making a transition like Smith would if he were to come to Kansas City.

"Some of those guys that are defensive ends that have had their hand in the dirt so to speak, you haven't seen them drop (into coverage). This is where it's a critical time to work those players out. Not that you're going to know every detail about their ability to drop into coverage but you've got to look at them and see what their physical skills are."

Now the problem with Smith is that he may not be there at No. 20. In fact, I'd bet he won't be. There are several other teams would may be interested in him, including the Jaguars, Patriots and Bucs. All three of those teams pick before the Chiefs.

I'd be very interested in the idea of adding Smith but my best guess is that he's gone by No. 21.

(H/T Pro Football Talk)