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Kansas City Chiefs Schedule Private Workouts With Two Quarterbacks

The Kansas City Chiefs, like all NFL teams, get 30 official private workouts in which to evaluate draft prospects. We learned today courtesy of Bob Gretz that the Chiefs have scheduled private workouts with Idaho QB Nathan Enderle and Delaware QB Pat Devlin.

Enderle is projected as a 7th round pick or an undrafted free agent. He is rated the 16th best quarterback by NFL Draft Scout and is 6'5" and weighs 240 pounds.

In addition to the private workout, the Chiefs also came to Idaho's campus after the NFL Combine to watch Enderle go through throwing workouts.

Pat Devlin, who we talked about earlier this week when we found out the Chiefs were at the Delaware pro day, is a fourth round draft prospect and is rated the 9th best QB by NFL Draft Scout. Devlin is 6'3" and weighs 225 pounds.

Unfortunately for Devlin, he hasn't had the best offseason. Here's one writers take on his pro day performance:

He had a rocky day as he was about 30 minutes late throwing, according to sources, and some teams left before he finished. A problem noticed on tape was that he doesn't have the big arm and it showed in the workout as he put too much air under several throws. Devlin himself even expressed disappointment. This performance has likely put him in the late rounds.

Like with Kendrick Lewis, what is a player's loss in terms of draft stock may be the Chiefs' gain come April.

Don't look too much into these workouts. The Chiefs may draft a QB next April but Matt Cassel doesn't need to fear for his job. This is Pioli and Co. doing their due diligence. Brodie Croyle, on the other hand, may need to fear for his backup job.

Expect a full Chiefs' draft interests update soon.