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Kansas City Chiefs Spotted Talking With Michigan State Linebacker At Pro Day

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And the Kansas City Chiefs' draft interest news keeps rolling in. The Chiefs were spotted at Michigan State's pro day on Wednesday speaking with OLB Eric Gordon, according to Dan Kilbridge.

Gordon is one of a handful of linebackers that the Chiefs are interested in and you can can expect more will be added to that list. With the Chiefs running a 3-4 defense, linebackers are at a premium because that's where most if not all of the pressure on the QB comes from.

Eric Gordon is another long time college starter, starting more games than other any. He is not projected to be drafted and is rated the 30th best outside linebacker by NFL Draft Scout. He is 5'11"' tall, weighs 225 pounds and runs a 4.64 second 40-yard dash.

So far, the biggest knock on Gordon is his size. Via Detroit News:

"That (the size) is what has hurt him to this point," Michigan State linebackers coach Mike Tressel said. "That is why he's not being talked about as much as some others. We told people that he was explosive, but they hear that from a lot of coaches about a lot of guys. It was good that they could come here and see it for themselves."

Another potential undrafted free agent signing for the Chiefs. Check out some Eric Gordon highlights here.