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Asking Roger Goodell About His $1 Salary

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell makes less money than I do.

Of course, that's only because of the NFL lockout. Goodell said pre-lockout that he would lower his salary, which is normally around $10 million, to $1 if they didn't work out a deal.

And he did.

Believe it or not, I talked about this today with the Commish himself. Myself and a few SB Nation bloggers held a conference call with the Commissioner talking about -- what else -- the labor negotiations. Our Ravens blogger, Bruce Raffel, asked if he really was going to a $1 salary.

As far as the $1, I'm not sure what the question is, but I can tell you I appreciate you reminding me of the $1 salary. I'm sure Mr. Pash does to. What it represents quite simply is these are unique times, it is a shared sacrifice, that not only the clubs and players are feeling, but we have a group of close to 1,000 employees, and then when you add on the club level 6,000 other employees that are all being impacted by this. We felt that it was important for two of the key people in the negotiations to be responsive and recognize that it is a shared sacrifice.

I think that last line is important. As the leader of an organization -- similar to Clark Hunt with the Chiefs -- your actions and your words are magnified in a time like this. There may not be much substance to dropping his salary to a buck because, let's face it, it's not staying there. But it is a good gesture.

That said, he's judged on whether he gets a deal done with the players and to date he has failed. The NFL's lead negotiator, Jeff Pash, who was also on the call and also lowered his salary to $1 from about $5 million, was fairly direct in that regard.

My most important assignment was to try to get a labor agreement and I haven't accomplished that yet. So it seems only appropriate to have that kind of a salary reduction.

I'll have some more in the next couple of days on our convo with the Commish. For now, check out a few of our posts at