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Chiefs Keeping Tabs On Late Round Quarterbacks

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I'm sure it's really unfair to say some of the late round quarterbacks the Kansas City Chiefs are looking at for the 2011 NFL draft will be the "next" Tom Brady or Matt Cassel, two quarterbacks who were drafted in the sixth and seventh round and ended up being NFL starters.

But that's what the Chiefs are hoping with some of these lesser-known quarterbacks they're checking out. The Press Democrat reports that one of those guys is Louisville QB Adam Froman, who worked out for 27 NFL teams, including the Chiefs, at a pro day last week.

Froman showed off all his tools at Louisville's pro day. He displayed a better-than-average arm while completing 33 of 35 passes. In addition to his arm, there was his athleticism. He ran the 40-yard dash in an unofficial time of 4.55 seconds, which would have ranked third among quarterbacks at the NFL Combine. His times in the three-cone drill (6.6 seconds) and 20-yard shuttle (4.08) would have ranked first.

The buzz words on him are that he's smart and a leader. He's got the NFL body at 6'4" and 219 pounds which may be part of the reason some teams are intrigued. 

The Press Democrat reports Froman has "extensive sit-down interviews" with the Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons at his pro day as well as informal meetings with scouts from seven other teams.

So the Chiefs are keeping tabs one some of these late-round quarterbacks. At this point, I'd guess they take a flyer on a guy in the later rounds. It sounds like Froman may at least be on their radar. 

Check out the lengthy report on Froman at The Press Democrat.