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Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Sends Letter To Season Ticket Holders

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt sent a letter to season ticket holders on Wednesday updating them on where things stand with the NFL lockout. He confirmed the Chiefs previously announced policy that any home games missed will result in a refund and he also included a little jab to the players.

In most negotiations, if all sides give a little, a deal can be reached. Last week, the NFL proposed a deal to the players that more than met them in the middle on the economic issues. The league's proposal also included provisions designed to enhance player health and safety and significantly improve benefits for retired players. Unfortunately, the players rejected this proposal and walked away from the negotiating table.

As a Chiefs fan, I appreciate Hunt communicating these issues to the fans. In a time like this, I think the team's involvement with the fans is incredibly important and appreciated.

That said, can we move past the finger-pointing? I think this has turned into such a public relations battle that part of the reason neither side is willing to budge is for fear of being cast as the loser in these negotiations (as the owners were following the 2006 CBA extension).

Personally, I think it would say a lot about Clark Hunt if he didn't include that paragraph. The owners' talking points to the fans have apparently been a coordinated effort so I think breaking from the pack would be more of a statement.

Just my two cents, though.

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