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Tamba Hali Finishes Season As Most Productive Pass-Rusher

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Shave that neck beard, Kyle!  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Shave that neck beard, Kyle! (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

This will only come as a surprise to those outside Kansas City but LB Tamba Hali is the most productive pass-rusher in the NFL. Pro Football Focus' numbers were hyping Hali dating back to 2009 and in 2010 they accurately projected he'd be productive.

Maybe not the most productive in the NFL though. Pro Football Focus has something called "Pass-Rushing Productivity" and Hali scored very high -- the highest in the class, in fact.

I also like that he has more "QB Disruption Points" than anyone else because that means he's consistently making some sort of impact, even if it's not a sack. 

Stuff like this is why Hali's value is so difficult for me to figure out. On the one hand, he has a low-profile in the league so you wouldn't expect him to get some monster deal. On the other hand, the numbers say he's the highest of high-profiles so he should be getting even more money than these other guys.

The Chiefs have made their intentions clear with the franchise tag -- they want Hali in Kansas City. We'll see if the two sides can agree on what his value is moving forward.

Check out the full post at PFF, where DE Wallace Gilberry also gets some love (as does DT Shaun Rogers).