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NFL Lockout Day Six: Roger Goodell Talks With ESPN, NFL Network

It's funny but I could see this strategy from a mile away.

The NFLPA has been getting (rightfully) slammed on this boycotting recommending not to attend the NFL draft business and, the NFL with the ever watchful eye, saw a fracture within the NFLPA and pounced. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appeared on ESPN and NFL Network Tuesday night to talk about the players and the NFL draft. Clearly, they saw this issue as a possible divide for the NFLPA and decided send out the big guns so that newspapers and bloggers across the country would continue talking about it.

Here's the ESPN interview and the NFL Network one.

His talking points included:

  • This is a special moment for the players, he hopes they can be there but the show will go on either way. This move would only hurt the fans because the NFL used to do the draft without the players there, he says.
  • The NFLPA walked away from the negotiating table, not the NFL.
  • Mediation continues to be the best way for this deal to get done and he "couldn't get off this show fast enough" (said that on both shows) to get back into mediation.
  • The NFLPA walked away from the negotiating table, not the NFL.
  • In any court case, the NFL believes the facts are on their side.
  • The NFLPA waked away from the negotiating table, not the NFL.

Also, Goodell wanted the fans to know that it was the NFLPA, and not the NFL, that walked away from the negotiating table.