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Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft Sign-Up Coming Soon

The most popular event of the year at Arrowhead Pride is coming soon.

For those who don't know, that's the Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft. The premise is what you think it is -- you pick a team, and you're the GM for our mock draft. You'll make your selection for that team and a write up on why you chose them.

We haven't figured out all the logistics yet but we're leaning to a two round draft with three picks per work day or a two round draft with two picks every day of the week including weekends. Or some other format we haven't thought of yet.

We'll post an update on specifically when the sign-up will be -- probably later this week or early next -- and that will be the post where you pick your team. It's first come, first serve. Yes, even with a time stamp, I'll somehow mess up and find a way to accidentally screw someone over.

If you have had the same team for two years in a row, you have the right to that team before the sign-up goes up -- but you have to email us and tell us you want it, or post that in the comments. If you can't remember which teams you've picked, here is the 2009 mock draft and here is the 2010 mock draft. 

So what we need from you right now:

  • Feedback on what the format should be. Two picks per work day, two picks every day, three picks every day, etc.
  • Let us know if you've had the same team two years in a row and you want to reserve your team for this year.
  • Any other questions or feedback on stuff that we should or shouldn't do (Yes, Kansas City Shuffle, we know you don't like seeing the second round of the mock draft).