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Chiefs Are Reportedly Only NFL Team To Take In Nebraska-Omaha Pro Day

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Last Wednesday, small Division II school the University of Nebraska-Omaha reportedly held their Pro Day for exactly one NFL team - the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jaguars blogger Adam Stites, who's tracking all of Jacksonville's Pro Day movements at the Jaggernaut, reports that the Chiefs were the only team on hand to view the Mavericks' lone NFL prospect - TE Mike Higgins. The 6'5", 245 pound tight end was the Mavericks leading receiver in 2010. He is not projected to be drafted by NFL Draft Scout.

NFL TE Zach Miller went to UNO and unfortunately after this season, they're shuttering their football and wrestling programs and jumping to Division I.

It's not surprising the Chiefs were the only team on hand. Scott Pioli's obsessive scouts probably couldn't stand to be only three hours away from potential NFL prospects.