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Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel On The NFL Lockout

One of the interesting dynamics in the negotiations between the NFL and (formerly known as) NFLPA is the relationship between the owners and players. Specifically, for us it's the relationship between Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, who is on the NFL's labor committee, and Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel and G Brian Waters, who are on the NFLPA's executive committee.

I've been thinking that it may be awkward between those three when a deal does get worked out, and players are back at the facility, because they were both in the negotiating room over the past few weeks and, as you can tell with the public statements made by each side, there was some bickering from both sides in those rooms.

On ESPN Radio in Dallas last week, Vrabel talked a little bit about that dynamic.

"When it pertains to talking to your boss," he said, "I think you carry yourself in a certain way, but when you're representing the National Football League Players Association and guys that laid it on the line for you, you just take a little harder line. We really said that we had to see the financial statements. ... There's times that we can trust them as owners, and talking about $750 million was not one of those times that we were willing to trust anybody."

He did say, however, that the overall mood in the room was respectful."The few chances that the executive committee had the opportunity to sit in front of the CEC with owners at the table ... we said things that probably players wouldn't normally say, but the conversations were respectful. ... We tried to keep emotion out of it, just negotiate."

These quotes came last Friday, technically before the lockout so I'm not sure if his perpsective changed. But I imagine once we do get a deal signed that everyone will be thrilled that it's finally over and any hard feelings, if there were any, will be gone.