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2011 NFL Draft: Southern Illinois LB May Visit Chiefs

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We just posted an item from an agent indicating that the Kansas City Chiefs may "pull the plug" on a private workout with an NFL draft prospect if the team feels the player or his agent are letting that information get out.

So Stephen Franklin may need to change his plans.

The Southern Illinois linebacker tweeted last night that the Chiefs want him to come work out for them in April. Twitter of course is public so the news is out there.

That said, this clearly wasn't a situation where the player or the agent were intentionally leaking the information to help the player, which is presumably the reason the Chiefs like to keep these things close to the vest. It was a simple tweet in response to another user.

But this does tell us that the Chiefs have (or had) some sort of interest in Franklin, who will work out at SIU's pro day next week. According to draft profiles, he's likely an undrafted free agent next April.

Franklin is local, hailing from the great Kansas City. Here's a pretty good read on him.