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Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft Really Will Be A Mystery

Now this is interesting.

Chris noted last week that it seemed like this year we were working with a lot less information on the Kansas City Chiefs draft interests. Last year, we had a large number of players the Chiefs were interested in, or had some sort of contact with, according to the various reports out there.

This year? Our Chiefs draft interests table is significantly smaller with less prospects and less information in general about the Chiefs and the NFL draft coming out.

There may be a reason why, according to one agent, who wrote this via Twitter:

[S]ome teams like the PATS and CHIEFS will pull the plug on a private workout if they feel the agent and player are broadcasting it.

So maybe TCU QB Andy Dalton will be changing his travel schedule.....

That means our chart tracking all the reports connecting draft prospects to the Chiefs may have the opposite purpose -- maybe those are the players the Chiefs won't be selecting next April.