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2011 NFL Draft: How High Is Too High For A Center?

Should you start your quarterback right away? Is it more important to go defense or offense? Should you risk it all to get your quarterback? What's the perfect formula to trade up?

These are all annual questions on the NFL draft and we'll hear them all again with the 2011 NFL draft. Another question that comes up every year: How high is too high to draft an interior offensive lineman? 

There's not a high emphasis placed on centers and guards in the NFL draft but they're still important positions so it's a difficult question to answer. For the Kansas City Chiefs, there may have to be an answer to that question by April. That's because, depending on the future of Casey Wiegmann and Rudy Niswanger, the Chiefs may be forced to draft a center at some point.

So is pick No. 21 too high to pick the next center in Kansas City? Not according to Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly who has Florida C Mike Pouncey headed to Kansas City in his latest mock draft.

With Casey Wiegmann on his way out, the Chiefs have a glaring hole on the middle of their offensive line, and Pouncey could help fill it.

On the one hand, I love the idea of adding to the offensive line. You'll rarely hear me complain if the Chiefs go offensive line because having a top tier line makes everything so much easier on offense. On Pouncey specifically, it probably helps that his brother, Maurkice, was one of the best rookies in 2010 while with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the other hand, is a center in round one the best value? Can you get a fourth round center whose talent isn't drastically far behind a first round center?

If Wiegmann does indeed decide to retire, we'll be hearing more about this debate. If he decides to stay, though, I would guess that erases any chance of the Chiefs spending a first round pick on a center.