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KC Chiefs May Have To Spend More Money

The NFL and the organization formerly known as the NFLPA didn't get a deal done this week but we did hear some of the details involving the league's proposal to the players. At some point, a deal will get done and I imagine many of the league's offers will be included.

One of those is bringing back a salary cap and, thus, a salary floor. Obviously nothing is a done deal yet but Peter King of notes what this would mean to a team like the Kansas City Chiefs:

Last year, the Chiefs and Bucs both won 10 games and spent no more than $85 million on player salaries. Over the next three years, they'd have to raise that to at least $110.3 million, on average, per year.

King then goes on to suggest (not report) that a team like the Chiefs should be in on the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes. You could replace Asomugha with any other big name and the point remains the same -- the Chiefs may need to spend more money if/when a new CBA is put in place and they can do that by breaking the bank in NFL free agency. If that's the case, then free agency may be a lot more interesting in Kansas City.

Like many other fans, Chiefs fans have argued in the past that they should be spending more money to bring in top free agents. That's not how GM Scott Pioli operates and it's hard to argue with the results considering the six-game jump in 2010.

You've got a blank check. Which potential free agent are you targeting?