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Early Poll Results Say More Fans Blaming Players In NFL Lockout

A few weeks ago we disagreed with a post from Bob Gretz of that suggested fans tend to side with owners in NFL labor disputes. Though we never really picked a side, I was leaning toward the players at the time and said it was the owners who had made a few critical errors.

Turns out, I was wrong. (I know you're shocked.)

Early poll results say more fans are blaming the players rather than the owners for the lockout. We posted a poll asking who's at fault and with over 1,300 votes, 58 percent blame both sides, 21 percent blame the players and 19 percent blame the owners.

That's a small sample size. has a larger audience than us and the results of their poll, with over 33,000 votes in, is 36 percent blaming both sides, 38 percent blaming the players and 25 percent blaming the owners.

It's clear as day both sides want us on their side in order to put pressure on the other so I've advocated refusing to pick a side and blaming both. I think that's the fairest way to go about it.

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