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Clark Hunt Talks About The NFL Lockout

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NJ Chiefs Fan linked to the Kansas City Star article this morning detailing Kansas City Chiefs' owner Clark Hunt's opinions on the NFLPA, NFL owners and of course the NFL lockout in general. I wanted to re-emphasize it here, because Adam Teicher got a lot of quotes from Hunt. Check out the story here.

Here are a few of the more notable quotes from Clark Hunt:

On when the situation may get really bad: "If we still don't have an agreement by mid-August, then that's a scenario that's bad for everybody. It's bad for the owners, it's bad for the players and it's certainly bad for the fans."

On his optimism of getting a deal done: "I'm disappointed that the negotiations broke down yesterday, but I'm not discouraged about getting a deal done at some point in the future. I think what happened yesterday is just part of the process, and ultimately we'll be able to get a deal with the union that preserves the 2011 season. There's still a lot of time."

On what changes for the Chiefs organization during this time: "From a business standpoint, I don't think a whole lot changes for the Chiefs in the next couple of months. Certainly there will be an element of uncertainty that will affect everything we do. Our plan is to continue to sell tickets. Our season ticket renewals and new sales have been tremendous to this point."

On how the lockout affects the momentum of the team: This is not a worst-case scenario for the Kansas City Chiefs from a football standpoint. Any team in a rebuilding mode, perhaps one that switched head coaches this past offseason, could be very challenged by this environment. I think it's possible we'll lose a significant amount of the offseason program - if not the entire offseason program - and that will make it a big struggle for those teams. With the progress we made last year, I think the Chiefs are actually in a very good position to deal with the environment we're in."