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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 3/13

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Good morning Chiefs fans. We have a pretty solid day of Kansas City Chiefs news for you today. Obviously there is a lot about the labor dispute, but there are a few other nuggets worth reading. Enjoy.

The NFL players are suing the owners, who in turn have barred the players from their practice and conditioning facilities.

That sounds like a worst-case scenario for the league and its labor situation. Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt stopped short of saying that but told The Star on Saturday that things could get to that point if the sides don’t strike a deal on a new collective-bargaining agreement by this summer.

"If we still don’t have an agreement by mid-August, then that’s a scenario that’s bad for everybody," Hunt said. "It’s bad for the owners, it’s bad for the players and it’s certainly bad for the fans.

In the Face of Football Uncertainty, Chiefs' Hunt is Unruffled from KC Star

Right around dinner time on Saturday, the Chiefs released a statement with reaction to the events of Friday in Washington, D.C. that led to the lock out of the players by the NFL and the decision by the NFL Players Association to file for decertification.

Only one problem - there was no name associated with the comments. Not team chairman Clark Hunt, not the Hunt Family, not GM Scott Pioli. It's hard to understand why Hunt, who was part of the negotiations as a member of the league's labor committee, would not want to put his name on what was released.

Chiefs Speak Out on Lockout - Sort Of? from Bob Gretz

Rich Gannon and Trent Green speak from experience. Each former Chiefs quarterback was once much where Matt Cassel is now: Up and running as the team’s starter but trying to establish himself as a viable long-term solution at a most important position.

Gannon experienced a player strike as a rookie with Minnesota in 1987; Green never did. But both know the value of offseason work to a quarterback and think a prolonged NFL work stoppage this year would set Cassel back.

The only question is how much.

Lockout Threatebs to Hamper Cassel's Offseason Development from KC Star

We all have our own thoughts on the particulars. I happen to believe the owners are mostly reprehensible, their stances based more in lawyering than in logic, because there is absolutely no way they can present themselves as being in any sort of financial trouble.

The Oakland Raiders are the least valuable franchise in the NFL, and they're more valuable than the Cubs and Lakers. I happen to believe that if the owners were really hurting, at least one of them would sell his team to get out of what they would like us all to believe is an unsustainable money-pit.

NFL Labor is an Awful Process Stacked Against the Players With a Disappointing and Inevitable Ending from Don't Kill the Mellinger is reporting the Kansas City Chiefs are among the teams that will have a private workout with TCU quarterback Andy Dalton.

We shouldn’t put too much stock into private workouts because every team conducts them. But it’s newsworthy any time a team looks at a quarterback. I’d expect the Chiefs to investigate other quarterback prospects as well.

Dalton has the potential to be an NFL starting quarterback some day.

Report: Chiefs to Work Out Andy Dalton from ESPN

The Detroit Lions insist they want to move on from the tampering charge the NFL found them guilty of last month, but they continue to let questions linger on whether they appealed the verdict.

Lions president Tom Lewand declined to say today whether the team formally appealed the punishment that cost them a seventh-round draft choice and forced them to swap fifth-round picks with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lions Remain Mum On Whether They Will Appeal Tampering Charge from The Detroit Free Press

Grady Charles Alderman was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 10th round of the 1960 draft. He went to college at the nearby University of Detroit Mercy. Alderman and Kansas City Chiefs guard George Daney hold the distinction of being the last players from the school to have played in the NFL.

The football program at Detroit Mercy was disbanded in 1964 despite having put 62 players in the NFL and once winning a national championship. Alderman is a member of the schools Hall of Fame.

Crazy Canton Cuts: Grady Alderman from Gear Up for Redskins Football

On the other side of the field, punting from sideline to sideline, was former Wofford player Chris Tommie from Greenwood (Emerald High School). There was nothing scheduled for him. He was just trying to catch their attention...

...Tommie last played for the Terriers in 2009, when he averaged 43.2 yards per attempt. At the time, he was getting plenty of pro interest. The Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers reportedly asked for video. The Dolphins and Packers called him.

Tommie Hold Hope for NFL Career from

The Kansas City Chiefs recently welcomed youth football leaders from throughout the region for an exciting day of learning and idea sharing at USA Football's Kansas City Leadership Forum.

Chiefs Host USA Football's Kansas City Youth Football Leadership Forum from The Mothership