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KC Chiefs Issue Statement On NFL Lockout

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The Kansas City Chiefs issued a statement on the legal mess they've found themselves in with the organization formerly known as the NFLPA.

Here's their statement with my thoughts mixed in:

The Kansas City Chiefs still believe the fastest way to a fair agreement is through the mediation process. While we are disappointed that the union walked away from the clubs' offer to split the difference and meet them in the middle, we remain confident that we can and will reach a deal that is good for the game.

Clearly, mediation was going nowhere. The federal mediator himself, George Cohen, had this to say following armageddon on Friday: "No constructive purpose would be served to requesting parties to continue mediation." If the mediator says mediation isn't working, I'd believe him. In my opinion, this is a PR move on the part of the Chiefs (and by extension, the league) to remind folks that it was the union, and not the league, that walked away from the table.

After a season that began with Monday Night Magic at the grand opening of the New Arrowhead, and culminated in a division championship, we are more focused than ever on improving every area of our team. We know there will be football in the future - and we have already started to plan for the 2011 season. Our football staff is continuing its preparation for the NFL Draft and our business operations staff is using fan feedback to make the Arrowhead experience the best in the NFL.

The Chiefs are hoping to appeal to the emotional side of fans by conjuring up memories of an admittely unforgettable Monday Night Football game as well as the AFC West title. My advice which you don't have to take: hold strong and remember that BOTH sides got us into this mess. Both the league and the union want your sympathy but, if it were up to me, neither would be getting it.

We have great respect for our fans and our season ticket holders, and are committed to communicating openly and directly with them as we work to reach a long-term agreement with the players that is fair to everyone who loves this game.

My best guess is that we'll be hearing from Clark Hunt soon.