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Chiefs Fans Aren't Happy With Clark Hunt, NFL Players

I receive a lot of emails throughout the day from Kansas City Chiefs fans so I think I have a pretty good vibe of what fans are thinking most of the time. The response to the NFL lockout has been varied -- some Chiefs fans blame Clark Hunt and the owners while some blame the players. (The early results in our poll lean towards blaming both sides.)

But all the responses have something in common -- anger. Here's a sampling of the fan emails I've received since both the NFL and the whatever-they-call-themselves-now decided to give fans a shot to the groin. The last one, I think, sums it up very well.

"I love it! First a non-lockout lockout and now the union "decertifies" without actually decertifying! Only in the NFL this s--t is f----d and I just sent in my next payment for 2011 tickets....I mean downpayment on 2012."

"The pictures of Hunt after the NFL meeting I won't forget. I can't look at him now without thinking money money money"

"Why did they turn down the deal???? Players should live a day in my shoes no cell phone no cable no season tickets!!!!!"

"My third season tix payment is due 3/15. Tell Clark to come get it from me or [Brian] Waters can pay for it in his lock out bank account."