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NFL Lockout: Who Do We Blame?

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It's here, as we all suspected. The NFL's future is now in the hands of some judge (David Doty) in some court (Minnesota). Clearly, this isn't the way we wanted things to go but it's the reality with which we're faced.

We're going to be reading details in the coming days and weeks regarding the status of the negotiations, who left what on the table, who got mad at who during the mediation sessions and more on how we got into this mess.

My advice, as it has been for some time, is to make sure you blame BOTH sides. One of the comments made by NFL lead negotiator Jeff Pash nailed it:

"The absence of an agreement is a shared failure," Pash said. "I think [fans] should be disappointed."

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Clark Hunt and the rest of the owners completely blew it. Mike Vrabel, Brian Waters and the rest of the players blew it. Everyone involved completely freakin' blew it.

And we'll blame every single one.

Of course, not all of you will take my advice. Some will lean toward the owners, and some to the players. For that, we put it up to a vote. Who's at fault?