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NFL News Roundup: Thomas Dimitroff, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, CBA Talk

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At the end of the 2010 NFL season we started to look at the top 10 Kansas City Chiefs stories of the year and got through a few of them before...we forgot to do the rest.

And then just on Tuesday, I said we'd have a new daily post looking at the big stories around the league. On Wednesday...we forgot to do the post.

So in an effort not to let our daily news dump go the way of the top 10 Chiefs stories of the year, here is your daily post looking at stories around the league. We're still looking for names for this post though I'd say right now "NFL Daily Dump" is in the lead. Let's make a final decision on the name today.

Thomas Dimitroff signs an extension with the Falcons. Like Packers coach Mike McCarthy's extension last week, this makes you wonder when GM Scott Pioli and Todd Haley will be extended. I imagine Haley will be next year if reports are accurate that he's on a four-year contract. We have no idea how long Pioli's contract is for.

Doesn't sound like Carson Palmer is ever returning to Cincinnati. If so, wow. Cincy had some glimmer of hope with Palmer there, even though he's struggled in recent years, but they'd be starting all over -- again -- if he left.

CBA negotiations seem to be headed wrong but some optimism remains. It seems we're back to where we were at this time last week with many people thinking a new labor deal won't get done. There are, however, a few optimistic voices remaining. ESPN's Adam Schefter received a text from "one of the game's sharpest minds" who predicts another extension is coming while Andrew Brandt of National Football Post says deadlines change things. Indeed, it was just last week where we were all doom and gloom but we got closer to the deadline and the two sides agreed to extend it. We're hoping for the same now.

Mark Sanchez threw at the Colorado pro day. This is a little unusual: Jets QB Mark Sanchez threw to receivers, particularly an old friend of his, at the Colorado pro day. You think Matt Cassel is getting out there at the USC pro day?

NFL Labor committee arriving for CBA negotiations. The entire labor committee, including Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, will attend Thursday's negotiations with the NFLPA. We're not sure what this means but it's the second time in the last week they've all been there. The current deal expires Friday night so there are three possible outcomes. 1.) They do a deal, which seems unlikely at the moment or 2.) they extend the current one again or 3.) it expires and we go the legal route. let's hope for 1 or 2.