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Shaun Rogers Heads To The New Orleans Saints

Shaun Rogers won't be coming to Kansas City. 

At least not in 2011. The New Orleans Saints announced they signed Rogers to a one-year contract

Rogers became a free agent when the Cleveland Browns released him on February 9. He was expected to sign with a team before March 3 when the labor agreement between the owners and players expires.

After Rogers was released, he first visited the Washington Redskins, and then a report came out that he was visiting the Chiefs. Shortly after that he said that he was visiting Kansas City and later said he had dinner with defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and defensive line coach Anthony Pleasant. Rogers and Crennel previously worked together.

Alas, it doesn't appear Rogers -- or any free agent for that matter -- is signing with the Chiefs anytime soon (now is the time to start blaming the owners and players for not getting a deal done).

(H/T Chief Willie Wildcat)