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The Matt Cassel Trade Two Years (And A Day) Later

Since there is no free agency coming up this week, we'll have to rewind a couple of years to get our fix. Yesterday, February 28th, was the two-year anniversary of the trade that brought QB Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs.

(Yes, I know this post would have been a lot cooler if we had done it on the actual two-year anniversary.)

As a reminder, the Chiefs sent their second round pick to New England for Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel.

Here's an incredibly-too-simple summary of Cassel's tenure in Kansas City:

Year one: Not so good

Year two: Good

Here's our original story on the Cassel trade.

The importance of the trade is obvious. It's the quarterback. The most important position on the field. It could define GM Scott Pioli's Kansas City career whether that's good or bad.

Knowing what you know now, two years later, do you make the trade again?