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Some Big Names Hitting The NFL Free Agent Market

The Kansas City Chiefs have been silent regarding any personnel moves leading up to March 3rd, the final day of the NFL owners and players labor deal, and the final day teams can make personnel moves. Other teams, though, have been making some moves.

On Monday, the Chicago Bears and New York Jets cut some big-named players. 
The Bears released DT Tommie Harris, LB Hunter Hillenmeyer and OT Kevin Shaffer. Any interest in players there? Harris is a big name but it concerns me that he lost his starting job. Hillenmeyer and/or Shaffer wouldn't be significant additions.

The Jets will release NT Kris Jenkins, OT Damien Woody, LB Vernon Gholston and LB Jason Taylor. I'm not sure that the Chiefs would be interested in any of those players. When healthy, Jenkins is a beast but the problem is that he isn't always healthy. If the Chiefs signed him they would need an insurance policy behind him which could be Ron Edwards, the same situation they're in now. I just don't see it. Meanwhile, Woody is an older player but one GM Scott Pioli is familiar with since he won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. I'm not sure if the Chiefs would be interested but with his familiarity you may want to keep an eye on him. Gholston is a big-time bust but still young and Taylor is a candidate for retirement.

If the Chiefs wanted to sign any of these guys, could they? Yes, they could. Logistically, though, it's unlikely. The labor deal expires at midnight on Thursday which means they'd have to get them to Kansas City for a visit, do any medical things that need to be done, and make a determination on whether to sign them. In addition to that, they would sign the player and he wouldn't be practicing or looking at a playbook or anything until a new labor deal is signed. So, yes, they can sign players, but, no, it's not likely.