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Is The Chiefs Quarterbacks Coach Already On Staff?

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The Kansas City Chiefs have filled the big void in their coaching staff with the promotion of Bill Muir from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator but there is one position remaining that may be filled -- quarterbacks coach. Former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis held that role and Todd Haley last week left the door open for another hire to his coaching staff.

The early predictions are that the Chiefs will promote from within to find their quarterbacks coach.
"If I had to predict, I don't think they're going to bring anybody else in," Kent Babb of the KC Star told Shan Shariff on 610 Sports Wednesday morning (audio here) regarding a quarterbacks coach. "I have a feeling Nick Sirianni is going to get that quarterbacks coach job. And I think he should. I think that's perfect for him and I think it's perfect for the Chiefs."

Sirianni is currently the offensive quality control coach and, according to his Chiefs bio, worked with the Chiefs quarterbacks and receivers during practice.

I don't have any inside info but Babb's prediction makes sense if the Chiefs want to maintain continuity, which they've said time and time again. Sirianni is already there, which hits on our continuity buzz word, and has worked with Cassel since he arrived in Kansas City. There are reasons why this would make sense.

The longer we go without news, I would guess that means its more likely the Chiefs A.) won't officially announce a quarterbacks coach or B.) will promote from within.