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Kansas City Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Stops By Jim Rome

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and GM Scott Pioli are making the media rounds now that the 2010-11 NFL season is over. Haley talked with ESPN's Jim Rome Is Burning on Tuesday and Pioli talked on 810 WHB's The Border Patrol on Wednesday morning.

We'll get to Pioli's 810 WHB segment in just a bit but here's a run down of what Haley had to say on Jim Rome on Tuesday.

On the Baltimore playoff game: He gave the Ravens their credit and says they played better than the Chiefs "on that particular Sunday". He told his players to watch the rest of the playoff games to show that it won't take an "outer-body experience" to compete with these guys.
On who will call plays: This is pretty impressive. Haley is asked who will call plays and talks for a while without addressing the question, and even makes a Joe Dirt reference: "Right at this time, Jim, I hired Bill Muir as the offensive coordinator. Bill and I have been together for nine years. It's a job Bill did very successfully in Tampa. Bill came here as the offensive line coach but it was a decision I was very excited to make. Like I said, I have a very good staff. In this league, it takes good coaches and players. I've got guys like Mo Carthon, my assistant head coach, who has been almost everywhere I've been and is a big part of our success. The big thing is continuity. We're able to keep on keepin' on the way we've been doing it without changing the system, terminology, things like that which helps all the young guys involved."

On whether there will be football next year: "We're business as usual as coaches." Haley says they're scouting their own players and preparing for the draft and he'll leave the labor situation up to the players and owners. There's not a whole lot he can do with these labor questions.

On the message to his players at the end of the year: "Our team as we knew it wouldn't be back again exactly the same, that was a one-time shot. We'll have a lot of guys back. We had to make it very clear was tone of the reasons we were able to have so much success was a terrific offseason with great attendance and work.