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Casey Wiegmann Retirement Decision Expected Before 2011 NFL Draft

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Kansas City Chiefs C Casey Wiegmann is still deciding on his future, according to Bill Williamson of Wiegmann is 50-50 on retirement or returning to the Chiefs next year. Wiegmann came to Kansas City prior to the 2010 season and signed a one-year contract.

According to Williamson's report, Wiegmann plans to tell the Chiefs of his plans one way or the other by the draft in late April.

As of this moment, the Chiefs top two centers -- Wiegmann and Rudy Niswanger -- are not under contract for the 2011 season. If Wiegmann retires, you gotta think the Chiefs bring Niswanger back and consider acquiring via draft or free agency (if there is a free agency) another center. 

Wiegmann is 37 years old and Williamson's report would suggest that the Chiefs want him back in 2010. Considering the success of the offensive line last year, Wiegmann's return would be good news for the Chiefs. He may be old by NFL standards but the dude's the model of consistency starting over 10,000 consecutive snaps.

Wiegmann's one of the good guys in the Chiefs locker room, which the organization likes, and his play was up to snuff last year so I'm hoping he returns. We should have an answer on that before April's draft.