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Franchise Tag Coming Thursday; Will Chiefs Use It?

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The franchise tag will be eligible for teams to use starting on February 10 and lasting until February 24.

Whether it means anything is another question.

The league has said they'll be operating as normal when it comes to the franchise tag which means it will be available for use on February 10, or 22 days from the start of the new league. The NFLPA says without a new agreement next year, the franchise tag is meaningless.

Whether it means something or not, teams can use the tag in those 14 days.

We've already talked about the franchise tag around here. There are a ton of moving pieces with the labor deal but I think LB Tamba Hali makes the most sense for the franchise tag (but there are a lot of ifs involved right now with labor uncertainty).

Hopefully we hear some sort of news because, until the NFL Combine at the end of the month, there won't be much news about the Chiefs.