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Matt Cassel Says Chiefs Offense, Terminology Will Stay The Same

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We haven't heard much of anything from Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel on the promotion of Bill Muir to offensive coordinator other than a quote in the Chiefs press release last week announcing the move. It is the offseason, after all, and we're not hearing from the Chiefs quarterback every week.

So when we caught up with Cassel in Dallas last weekend, we had to find out what he thought about the new offensive coordinator.

"I'm excited about Bill Muir," Cassel said on Sunday morning before attending an ESPN event called "Brunch With A Legend". "He's a guy that's familiar with our system. He's a guy that has experience being an offensive coordinator before in Tampa Bay. He's also familiar with our personnel and that's always important.

"The terminology isn't going to change which I think is huge for me, for the consistency. As we move forward I have a lot of confidence in him and I'm excited about it."

So why, exactly, is consistency important?

"You look at any quarterback in the NFL that's had success for a long period of time it's because it's the consistency of the same offense and the same program -- Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees. The list goes on and on of successful people.

"It's important to have that continuity and stability of being in the same system because, for us as quarterbacks, a lot of that becomes repetition. So you hear a play and go, 'Hey I know where I want to go with this ball against this coverage.' And then it just becomes second nature.

"So I think bringing up a guy within that knows our system, the terminology isn't going to change and [not having] a huge overhaul is very important."

The idea of continuity is one Todd Haley mentioned when he announced the move and Cassel's argument -- good quarterbacks usually operate in the same system year after year -- supports that idea.