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February 8, 1963: Welcome Home, Chiefs

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Today is a special day.

48 years ago, on February 8, 1963, Lamar Hunt announced he was moving the Dallas Texans to Kansas City. That was one of the first moves in what would be the creation of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Without this announcement, I could be working at a boring desk job instead of blogging about the Chiefs all day. Wow, that's a scary thought.

The Super Bowl XLV host committee announced the top 100 moments in North Texas football history a few months ago and landing on the list was Mr. Hunt's announcement:

63. Feb. 8, 1963: Owner Lamar Hunt announces that his AFL Dallas Texans will move to Kansas City, leaving the Metroplex's local professional football domain to an expansion NFL team known as the Dallas Cowboys. The Texans evolve into the Chiefs and the Cowboys, of course, grow into five-time Super Bowl champions.

You think this announcement changed the course of football history a little bit?