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Clark Hunt One Of Five NFL Owners In CBA Negotiations This Weekend

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Talk about a potential NFL lockout picked up again this weekend, as the NFL and the NFLPA met for the first time in months to discuss a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). NFL Commission Roger Goodell was there, as were Peyton Manning and Drew Brees for the players. 

And, as it turns out, Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was one of the five NFL owners who was were in meeting. Via ESPN:

In addition to Goodell and his lead labor negotiators, sources said there were five owners present -- Jerry Richardson of the Panthers, Robert Kraft of the Patriots, Clark Hunt of the Chiefs, John Mara of the Giants and Dean Spanos of the Chargers.

I'm not sure if Hunt being a part of the meeting was a result of him living in Dallas or if he is really is a big time part of these negotiations on the owners side. Whatever the case, I'm glad he's repping the Kansas City Chiefs on the world's biggest stage. 

(H/T Chiefs-blinders-on)