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Super Bowl Time: Steelers And Packers Battle On Fox For Super Bowl Supremacy

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Super Bowl 2011 kickoff time is rapidly approaching. The official kickoff time is 6:29 p.m. (ET) this evening and Fox will be broadcasting the game on TV. The game features the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Green Bay Packers in what should be an evenly matched Super Bowl. The Steelers are looking for their seventh Super Bowl victory and the Packers are looking for their sixth.

Over at SB Nation, they're talking about a Madden simulation with the Steelers winning, the latest on Steelers' center Maurkice Pouncey, and of course Puppy Bowl 2011 coverage. The guys and girls over there have been busting their butt all week posting good stuff so check it out.

In fact, they've already started writing about this year's Super Bowl commercials, many of which are already out. I haven't watched any yet. I prefer to be surprised. After the game, if people want it, I'll throw up a thread where people can talk about the Super Bowl ads.

Lots of Joel's Super Bowl 45 coverage is at this Super Bowl Story Stream at as well.

Two days ago, I asked you who you were picking in this game. 55% of you said you thought the Green Bay Packers are taking home the title and the other 45% picked the Steelers. Everyone still feeling good about their picks?

Football lives on for one more day. It's Super Bowl time. This is your open thread.