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Super Bowl XLV Predictions: Matt Cassel Picks The...

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Yes my terrible photo skills are back. I know you missed them.
Yes my terrible photo skills are back. I know you missed them.

I tried but I couldn't get a prediction out of Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel for Sunday's 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Cassel attended an ESPN event called "Brunch With A Legend" along with Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow and former Auburn QB Cam Newton Sunday morning and I caught up with him for a few minutes there. 

He said his Super Bowl pick is....

"I hate to make predictions," Cassel said. "I really do. I always say, whoever wins, I was rooting for them. I'm a front-runner." OK, so I couldn't get a prediction out of him but Tebow and Newton are both taking the Steelers.

I also noted to Cassel, as he was well aware, that they play both the Steelers and Packers next year. 


"It'll be a great challenge for us because we know the schedule is going to get increasingly more difficult, which is great," he told me. "That's why we play this game. We want to play the best. We put ourselves in a position to do that this year. It'll be fun to see how we match up. The whole thing for us is not to be intimidated by the fact that that we're playing teams that people say are the best. We've got an opportunity to win as much as anyone else."

Cassel said he can only take a few days of Super Bowl week so he arrived on Thursday and has been making some appearances at parties and other events throughout the week before he leaves today. When I hear the word "party" associated with Matt Cassel, I immediately think of the YouTube video. You know, the one from years ago where he's singing a Backstreet Boys song

"I can cut a rug every now and then," he said laughing. "I think the first night I definitely had to show that I still had it -- just prove to myself that I still have it."

By the way, this ESPN event was really cool. There were about 200 people and the goal for ESPN is to get more local with their fans through their platforms like ESPN Audio as well as doing events like this.

Brunch with Tebow, Newton and Cassel? Yeah, not a bad morning, huh?