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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 2/6

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Good morning Chiefs fans. A short post of your Kansas City Chiefs news. Nt a lot out there. Enjoy the game today. Hopefully next year, we'll have more than a passing interest. Go Chiefs!

After sterling careers at Hickory High and South Carolina, Ryan Succop has become one of the NFL's top kickers in just two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Like most of us, he'll spend today with friends and watch what is expected to be a close battle between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV in Dallas.

"As sure as I watch it, I'll be getting the itch to be playing," said Succop, currently the only former Greater Hickory area prep player on an active NFL roster. "If you watch the game (as an NFL player)... you realize how awesome a moment it is."

Succop is in Columbia, S.C., resting a bit and training for next season - when the Chiefs play the Packers and Steelers in Kansas City - and he graciously agreed earlier this week to share his thoughts on today's big game

Former Hickory Star Makes His Pick For Super Bowl from The Hickory Daily Record

Yes, I am a huge nerd.

As media you are supposed to look disinterested and a little weary. You certainly aren't supposed to look like a fan-by, say, wearing anything with an NFL team logo. But I geeked out in Chiefs gear anyway, and was glad when some Kansas City radio folks spotted me and we got to chat for a while.

Super Bowl XLV, Behind the Scenes from The Atlantic

8. 1969 Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl IV
Led by Hall of Famers Buck Buchanan, Bobby Bell and Willie Lanier, Kansas City allowed only three teams all season to break the 20-point mark. In the playoffs, the Chiefs were even better, surrendering 13 points combined in wins over the Jets and Raiders en route to a 23-7 pummeling of the Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

Top 10: Super Bowl Defenses from The Washington Examiner

In Super Bowl IV, Sabol convinced Hank Stram, the Kansas City coach, to wear a wireless microphone. No one had ever dared to try such a thing, but Sabol talked Stram into it.

"Hank," he said, "this isn't just a football game. This is history."

The result was an unforgettable portrait of a strutting Stram watching his Chiefs defeat the Minnesota Vikings, 24-7, as he orchestrated every move and gloated at his success. ("Just keep matriculating that ball down the field, boys," he cackled). It was a ground-breaking moment in TV sports. Now, live sound is everywhere.

Happy Ending for Pro Football's Ultimate Storyteller from