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Super Bowl 2011 TV Time, Announcers, Odds And More

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Steelers-Packers is almost here and we've been getting a lot of search referrals asking when does the Super Bowl start. So here it is right off the bat - Super Bowl 2011 kickoff time is at 6:29 p.m. (ET) on Fox. There is no official place to watch the Super Bowl online so you're on your own there if you want to find a streaming site.

Super Bowl pre-game coverage has already started on ESPN and other major networks. At some point in recent years, pre-game coverage became a 13 hour event. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are your Super Bowl XLV play-by-play announcers, while Chris Meyers and Pam Oliver broadcast from the sidelines.

The 2011 Super Bowl odds are still in the Green Bay Packers favor. The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't been favorites all week. The line has been holding steady around 3 points all week and that's about where it remains. Andrew Sharp of SB Nation has been blogging about Super Bowl prop bets all week if you're interested.

There are plenty of this year's Super Bowl commercials and ads already out there but I haven't spoiled it yet by watching any of them. If you want to catch the Super Bowl ads right after they happen, will be posting them immediately after they air tonight. Check out the link for that here.

As most of you already know courtesy of Joel's reports and others, this year's Super Bowl location didn't exactly work out as people had envisioned. Snow in Dallas and the surrounding areas has put a damper on the first Super Bowl game at Jerry Jones' new stadium. More snow is supposed to come today, which won't affect the game because the roof is going to be closed. But it will definitely affect people getting to and from the Super Bowl.

We've talked about predictions, recipes, Hall of Fame stuff and now I just want to get to the game. This is the last NFL football game for a long, long time. Enjoy it.