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Tape Of The First Super Bowl Finally Found

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We've all seen clips of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers play in Super Bow I. But that's all we've seen - clips.

For over 40 years, no tape of the actual CBS broadcast had ever been found. Not one. The footage we've seen was shot from the sidelines by NFL Films. But recently, that changed. David Roth and Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal published a fascinating article today on the discovery of the first and only tape of the official CBS Super Bowl I television broadcast.

Apparently, the tape of the first Super Bowl had reach almost mythical status. In 1967, television networks weren't exactly diligent about keeping copies of their broadcasts. Television producers had chased false leads for the tape for years. Roth and Diamond's articles describes it as a "holy grail" and a "lost treasure."

But recently, a Pennsylvania man came forward and produced a nearly complete CBS broadcast of Super Bowl I, shot by his father:

The tape, which is in color, is an absorbing time capsule. It contains vintage commercials for McDonald's (then boasting of "Over Two Billion Served") and Muriel cigars ("So much more cigar for just 10 cents").

The value of the tape, before it was found, had been estimated at over $1 million. Pretty crazy, huh? The rest of the article contains some interesting tidbits so make sure you read it all.