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Eric Berry Making The Rounds At 2011 Super Bowl Week

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Well, well, well. 

A few hours after we posted a quick item on Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry breaking out "Wuzzham", who do we see milling around Radio Row down here in Dallas, Texas for Super Bowl week but none other than Berry himself.

Berry just finished a spot on Sirius NFL Radio and I caught up with him for a second (or 30 seconds). 

Decked out in a Chiefs red Adidas hoodie, he says is selling t-shirts to raise some money for his foundation. So if you're going to buy one, it's actually for a good cause.

He just arrived in Dallas today and when I asked him about the weather he said, "This is nothing." He should know about bad weather Super Bowls. Atlanta, Berry's hometown, hosted the 2000 Super Bowl which was remembered for the awful weather. (And the Super Bowl hasn't been back there since)

He was in a hurry (as everyone is around here) so we couldn't chat for more than a second but it was good to hear from the Chiefs safety. 

Also, imagine the world we live in now -- The Situation draws a bigger crowd than Eric Berry.