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Kansas City Chiefs Approval Poll: New OC Bill Muir

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By now you've more than likely heard that the Kansas City Chiefs have promoted offensive line coach Bill Muir to offensive coordinator. I'm going to assume, because Muir has never officially been in charge of calling offensive plays, that head coach Todd Haley will take on most of those duties. Despite what Haley says.

I'm also going to assume, like a lot of you already have, that the somewhat odd timing of this internal promotion suggests that the Kansas City Chiefs were waiting on another candidate from another team who either turned them down or they weren't able to speak with them for some reason.

So, we have a paper offensive coordinator who wasn't our first choice. I know that doesn't sound very good but I'm not really upset with this decision.

We've talked about the hiring of Bill Muir. Now let's vote on it. Do you approve of the promotion of Bill Muir to offensive coordinator?