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Todd Haley Explains Decision To Hire Bill Muir As Offensive Coordinator

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley conducted a conference call this afternoon with the new offensive coordinator, Bill Muir. The major highlights: this move was made with continuity in mind, Muir will retain his role as offensive line coach and there's been no decision on who will call plays.

"I'm very appreciative of the confidence Todd has displayed in me giving me this position," Muir said. "I can tell you honestly I'm very excited to be the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs. We made great strides in the two years we've been here. While I'll sit here and make no bold predicitons, nor do I have a crystal ball, I'm looking forward to helping our offense and our team, specifically our offense."
One point Haley hammered home was that this move was made with continuity in mind. As 610 Sports' Nick Wright pointed out on the conference call, this will be the fifth offensive coordinator for Matt Cassel in the last three years.  "Anytime you can hire from within in this league, that is the name of the game, or the goal," Haley said. "When I took this job a couple years ago, one goal was the continued development of our staff." That's not the first time Haley's noted the importance of developing your young coaches. 

Another major point: how will he work with Matt Cassel? Kent Babb of the KC Star reported early on in the process that the Chiefs wanted someone with a background in the passing game. Muir's experience has been the running game but Haley said he wouldn't "pigeon-hole" Muir into one or the other.

"He has worked closely with Matt Cassel, our quarterback," Haley said, "in protection and helping our sack number contiue to go down and going the way they need to go which is to eliminate them altogether."

Haley did leave the door open on hiring a quarterbacks coach saying they weren't necessarily finished hiring yet. 

And another big question: will Todd Haley call plays? He says they've "had discussions" but nothing is definitive at this point. "Bill has been a very big part of the play calling as it was the last two years whether it was myself who was getting credit for calling the plays, or Charlie for calling the plays, Bill has had a big hand in that," he said. The consensus among the media seems to be that Haley will call plays. Logically, I think that's the only solution.

Haley confirmed that Muir will continue to be the offensive line coach in addition to coordinator. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported assistant coach Pat Perles is expected to see increased duties.

Not that it matters now but did Haley interview anyone else? Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was the only name that hit the public throughout the process.

"I'd prefer to stay away from who I talked to, when I talked to them, and all those things," he said. "I know we went through a very thorough process. I feel really good about the answer we came to."

We're not sure if Muir was the first choice but the timing of it all would suggest that he wasn't. If he was the first choice, why not make the announcement earlier? Remember, word leaked after Weis' exit that he was actually the second choice. It's possible Haley didn't get his first choice again.

Thoughts or questions on Bill Muir as the newest offensive coordinator?