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Chiefs Miss Out On Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award

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The Kansas City Chiefs missed out on adding to their postseason hardware when it was announced that the New England Patriots line was the recipient of the Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award. Hall of Famers John Madden and Anthony Munoz made the announcement at a press conference this afternoon. 

Madden prefaced the announcement by noting that the Patriots had already won the AP coach of the year in Bill Belichick and the AP offensive player of the year in QB Tom Brady. This is quite the week for the Pats and awards.

On the Chiefs, Madden noted, "What a comeback they made this year."

Indeed, the Chiefs offensive line was most definitely not who we thought they were -- but in a good way. We saw a flash of what they were capable of last year with RB Jamaal Charles breaking out and they did it pretty consistently this year.

The Chiefs offensive line could see a small shakeup heading into 2011. We're not sure if C Casey Wiegmann will be back and some feel the Chiefs will target a right tackle in April's draft. 

I had a feeling the Chiefs would not be winning this award. A press release noted that members of the winning team would be in attendance to accept the award and I hadn't seen any Chiefs offensive linemen this week.