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Todd Haley Undecided On Calling Plays; Chiefs May Be Looking For QB Coach

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We've got a few interesting developments with the news that the Kansas City Chiefs have promoted offensive line coach Bill Muir to offensive coordinator.

First, the Chiefs have confirmed the news. Josh Looney of already has a story up with quotes from Haley and QB Matt Cassel so this has been in the works.

Second, Muir will still have his hand in the offensive line but assistant coach Pat Perles is expected to see increased duties.

Third, Mortensen reports Haley is still undecided on whether he'll be calling plays. There has been a belief for a while now that he will be the one calling plays. In my mind, Muir's hiring strengthens that thought.

Fourth, the Chiefs are still considering hiring a quarterback coach for Cassel. The Chiefs were expected to find an offensive coordinator with a background in the passing game -- and that is not Muir's background -- so a quarterback coach could help fill that void. Mortensen reports Chris Palmer, a former NFL head coach who is currently a UFL head coach. Palmer has a connection to Bill Parcells as both worked in New England together from 1993-1996. Palmer was the receivers coach until taking over the quarterbacks in his final year with the team. Mortensen reports a decision on a quarterbacks coach could be one to two weeks away.