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Report: Chiefs Will Name Bill Muir Offensive Coordinator

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The wait is over. We know the name of the Kansas City Chiefs next offensive coordinator.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Todd Haley and the Chiefs will name Bill Muir the new offensive coordinator. Muir of course was already on the Chiefs staff as offensive line coach. He was hired in February of 2009 in Haley's first few weeks on the job.

Because we were this late into the hiring cycle, there was a belief that the Chiefs would simply promote from within. However, Muir's hiring goes against the idea the KC Star's Kent Babb laid out a few weeks ago for the next offensive coordinator. Babb reported the Chiefs would prefer someone who is a quarterback guru and has experience in the passing game. Muir's experience lies in the run game.

Maybe the Chiefs had their eye on someone early on in the process (like the Denver Broncos' Mike McCoy, as Babb reported) and it didn't pan out leaving Muir as the best option at this point.

If we had to guess now, Haley will be calling plays. That's the route many thought he would go.

Muir first worked with the Haley and GM Scott Pioli while with the New York Jets in the late 1990s. He was hired onto Jon Gruden's staff with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002 where he was the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach from 2002-2008.

Here's a little more on Muir's history.