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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Calls Rams QB Sam Bradford About Josh McDaniels

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is (or will be soon) down at the 2011 Super Bowl but this story is not about his time in Dallas. Cassel's former offensive coordinator in New England, Josh McDaniels, was hired by the St. Louis Rams last month.

Cassel has had nice things to say about McDaniels in the past crediting him with some of his success. Now that McDaniels is in St. Louis, QB Sam Bradford will take the role of Cassel.

And Cassel called Bradford to tell him about McDaniels, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"Matt just told me if I ever had any questions about the system, not to hesitate to call him," Bradford said. "He'd be more than happy to talk to me about the system."

The Chiefs won't play the Rams for another four years so you don't have to worry about Cassel giving tips to the competition but this news doesn't surprise me too much. We've heard of the "Quarterback Fraternity" before and these guys help each other more than us fans would probably like.

The Chiefs were rumored to be interested in hiring McDaniels as offensive coordinator -- the rumor died pretty quickly -- so it'll be interesting to see how McDaniels does there.