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Optimism Nowhere To Be Found As CBA Negotiations Continue Tuesday

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The NFL and NFL Players Association will meet on Tuesday to resume talks in pursuit of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. With the current deal expiring at the end of the day on March 3rd, it seems all but a formality at this point that it will expire.

On February 11th, we noted what Andrew Brandt of National Football Post had to say about the CBA negotiations -- "I may be alone here, but I am  still optimistic a deal can be done here: three weeks is an eternity in the negotiating process."

He was one of very few (if any) optimistic voices remaining a deal could get done so I thought it was noteworthy. These days, though, the optimism is gone. Folks are bracing in for a work stoppage of some kind. 

The only possible chance of that not happening is the two sides brokering a deal between Tuesday, March 1st and Thursday, March 3rd. Once that date passes, we're in the unknown.

Brandt wrote a CBA primer today and said the beginning of Tuesday's negotiations will tell a lot.

"The first few moments of that meeting will foretell a lot. If the sides come back to say that they have caucused and are willing to be flexible on one or more of the core issues, then we have a chance for a CBA, even by Friday. However, if the parties come back still entrenched in their positions, hopes are dashed and the seven days of mediation may have been for naught."

Everyone's preparing for the latter.

It's getting somewhat surreal now that we're days away from the deal ending. This is normally when this site would be hopping with free agency news. In fact, our greatest traffic day ever came on the first day of 2010 free agency. Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case (not right now at least).