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We Still Don't Know Who Dexter McCluster Is

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At the 2011 NFL Combine this week, Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said the 2009 Chiefs team was the slowest he's ever been apart of. That's obvious now if you look at the Chiefs 2010 draft when speed was a main focus. Part of that group was Dexter McCluster.

The question following that pick was what position he'd play. Some thought running back and some thought he'd be a slot receiver. The Chiefs listed him as a receiver though we never really figured out if that's what he was. 

Throughout the 2010 season, I kept asking the question: Do the Chiefs know how to use McCluster?

I didn't mean that as a knock on the coaching staff but it seemed that you had this talented and quick player, yet you didn't know how to use him. He ran the ball 18 times but also caught 21 passes and, save the first few games of the season, never really made a significant impact.

A report from Bob Gretz of over the weekend hinted that I was right and the Chiefs weren't quite sure how to use him. Gretz talked with head coach Todd Haley over the weekend and said Haley and the coaches are thinking of moving McCluster to more of a running back role, similar to what he did at Ole Miss.

That change could imply that something -- whether it was McCluster's role or his performance -- wasn't right, or could be better. I could be wrong on that but that's the feeling I get after seeing McCluster's undefined role in 2010 and then reading Gretz's report. Of course, it's hard to evaluate McCluster's rookie year because he missed nearly half the season with an ankle injury, and never really made an impact upon his return.

While I'm still high on McCluster's future with the Chiefs, we're going through another offseason trying to figure out where he fits in. Luckily, the Chiefs coaching staff has, at least in 2010, been pretty money when it comes to developing players.