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Julio Jones Ends One NFL Combine Dream

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Every year at the NFL Combine there seems to be a player each fan gets attached to whether it's because they're a great player, they ran a fast 40-yard dash or did really well on the bench press. He's the guy you watch during NFL Network's live coverage or quickly go over to after his workout to watch replays.

For me, this year, that's Alabama WR Julio Jones. He can run. He can jump. He can catch. He can do it all and do it very well. He's had a very good NFL Combine showing off his athleticism, his speed and his ability to make the transition at the next level.
That's bad news for my Combine dream.

Jones isn't going to last until the 21st pick in the draft. In fact, he may not make it out of the top 10. I never thought the Chiefs realistically had a shot at him but a fan can dream, right?.

I was hoping, for selfish reasons, he would have more of a Kendrick Lewis-type of Combine where he runs a slow 40-yard dash and his stock plummets far enough that would make him available for the Chiefs.

I remember when Jones was a freshman at Alabama I said I hoped the Chiefs would have a shot at him, so I've been following his story for several years, which makes the reality that he'll be picked early a little tougher to swallow.

So, who's your Julio Jones player this year? Who's that player you find yourself watching more than any other?