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Around The AFC West: Ryan Mallett, Tim Tebow And John Elway

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We've got another edition of Around the AFC West for you today. I've rounded up some links on the latest news surrounding the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. You can check out the SB Nation blogs for those teams at Mile High ReportSilver and Black Pride and Bolts from the Blue, respectively. 

After the jump, we've got links about Oakland's DC search, QB prospect Ryan Mallett, John Elway on the NFL Combine and a poll about drafting Tim Tebow. 



Defensive coordinator position an unknown for the Raiders | Silver and Black Report
The Oakland Raiders have altered their coaching staff since the end of the 2010 season, but a key spot remains vacant – defensive coordinator. What do we know so far?


Ryan Mallett Fits What the Oakland Raiders Need - Silver And Black Pride
Mallett is a perfectly equipped Al Davis QB. He has a big arm, stands tall in the pocket, has accuracy with his throws, has game management skills, leadership potential. He played for an SEC school that did not dumb down the playbook like they did for JaWalrus.


Better ball skills than Asomugha? - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith is not afraid to put himself in elite company. Sunday, Smith -- who could jump into the first round -- was asked if he thought he was comparable to Oakland free-agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Smith took the comparison and ran with it. “I like the comparison, he’s a shutdown corner in the NFL. I mean, I like the comparison a lot. I think I have better ball skills than he does, though.”

Oakland still wheels, deals - Sacramento Bee

Owner Al Davis has made commitments of more than $80 million to five of his potential free agents as the Raiders try to get business done before the collective bargaining agreement expires Thursday night. 




The Chargers have spoken with a large number of players. Formal interviews last 15 minutes and include a variety of inquiries. “A lot of it is (about) how the guy comes across. Anybody can sit there and talk to somebody and form an opinion of what that guy is like and how well-spoken he may be,” Spanos said. “The coaches can get them on the board and go through some football X’s and O’s with them, which is also very helpful.


Chargers are in luck with deep defensive end class -
They want to upgrade from free agent Jacques Cesaire, and they need someone to bolster a pass rush that is adequate but rarely game-changing. With the 18th pick in the first round, they will likely have their pick of a cluster of two or three ends that fit into their defense and can provide the immediate impact they need in their pass rush.


NFL Combine 2011: RB Speed Scores - Bolts From The Blue
The combine ends up producing a blinding amount of numbers coming from all sorts of drills, so it's fun to think that some of those numbers have some predictive power. So, let's go down that path and take a look at the speed scores for this year's crop. As a rule of thumb remember: 100 Speed Score (okay), 110 Speed Score (good), 120 Speed Score (great).






POLL : How Do You Feel About Taking Tim Tebow At #25 After Year 1? - Mile High Report
Thank you in advance for your participation, your opinions are valued to me, since you have a better handle than the one and a half games I have seen of Tebow in a Broncos uniform. So with that out of the way I present you with this poll.


Elway Lends Unique Experiences To The Draft Process | Predominantly Orange
“I look at a lot of guys probably a little bit different,” Elway said from the combine. “I look at it as if I were playing against them. I know what I liked to play against, and I know what I didn’t like.”


Scouting combine is now can't-miss event for Broncos - The Denver Post
John Elway recalled most of what the NFL scouting combine looked like in his day, but he left out the best part. In 1983, before Elway became the No. 1 overall draft pick of the Baltimore Colts, the scouting combine was in four cities.