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Chiefs And The NFL Combine: A Weekend Recap

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The NFL Combine is nearly over with only three position groups left to work out -- defensive line, linebackers and defensive backs. If you missed out on Combine coverage over the weekend, here's a recap:

-Chiefs head coach Todd Haley gave a super-long answer when asked who will call the plays...and never told us who will call the plays. It sounds like, though things can change, we're not going to hear a confirmed answer on who will call the plays until later in the summer.

-Chiefs GM Scott Pioli had a few interesting things to say. First, he talked broadly about the defensive ends and said it was a good class this year. For the Chiefs, that could mean a 4-3 defensive end who could potentially become a 3-4 outside linebacker. Pioli said watching some of those 4-3 defensive ends workout was helpful because he could see what kind of movement they had which will help determine whether they have any coverage skills.

-The Chiefs and Lions tampering case also came into focus this weekend. The NFL ruled last week the Lions were guilty and they have until Monday (today) to appeal. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz sounded like the Lions would appeal while GM Martin Mayhew didn't sound like they would. Pioli declined comment.

-We don't have much to report on players the Chiefs met with. So far, we've got NT Jerrell Powe and Miami DE Allan Bailey.

-Oregon State DT Stephen Paea set a Combine record with 49 reps on the 225-pound bench press. Some NFL mock drafts have him going to Kansas City so that's something to watch out for.

-The quarterbacks have left the Combine which means some of the star power is gone. QB Cam Newton spoke to the media, and you can read about that here, while QB Blaine Gabbert decided not to throw. Those are your top two quarterbacks right now.