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Minnesota Vikings WR Sidney Rice Will Test Free Agency

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It's never too early for a free agency hypothetical.

We noted last week that the Minnesota Vikings had decided to place their franchise tag on LB Chad Greenway meaning WR Sidney Rice's rights wouldn't necessarily be controlled by the team after the league year. Though the two sides are talking about a long-term deal, agent Drew Rosenhaus tells ESPN's Adam Schefter that Rice will test free agency before deciding to re-sign with Minnesota.

We talk often about needs the Chiefs may have and receiver is usually at or near the top of the list. WR Chris Chambers was inactive at times this year telling you what they thought of him and WR Dexter McCluster is likely to be in more of a running back role. That leaves WR Dwayne Bowe and...?

It's fun to speculate about some of these players that may hit free agency (if we even have a free agency) but we don't know whether the Chiefs are interested. What makes me think they won't be is that Rice is going to be one of the bigger names hitting free agency. That usually means more interested parties which means a higher price. Can the Chiefs find a better value out there?

My guess is that the Chiefs wouldn't pursue someone like Rice in the event there is a free agency and he is available. The cost, even though I don't what the specifics would be, seem like they would be high. Plus, I'm not sure what it would say to the team if an outsider like Rice came in and got paid before Bowe, who has been here and working hard. 

But receiver remains a need so I imagine the Chiefs are keeping tabs on all receivers who may or may not become free agents. In addition to that, I imagine they're scouting plenty of receivers in the draft, all the way from the first round to undrafted free agents.